Organic For The Win!

Many of us have heard the term Organic but what comes to mind when you hear it? What comes to my mind is safe, clean, nutrient dense real food. Have you noticed how many people have food allergies, are overweight, have fertility issues, have bad skin, have Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, migraines, type II Diabetes, cancer and more diseases are being “created” all the time. Most aren’t aware, but ALL of these conditions can be cured with organic food! Since 1938 Max Gearson has been curing thousands of terminally ill people with diet alone and you can heal your body too! One way Organic food can do this is with nutrients. This is just one example among many thousands of examples of exactly how much more nutrient dense organic foods are. Choline is essential to the formation of Cholinergic neurons, which transmit Acetylcholine. A lack of Acetylcholine has been proven to cause Alzheimer syndrome, a lack of REM sleep and a major cause of depression. An abundance of Acetylcholine have a lifelong 30% increase in visualspacial and auditory memory, they grow old without developing senility, they are protected against neurotoxins, they have advanced ability to focus, better memory and more resilient to stress. Organic cage free eggs have 200% more choline than non-organic CAFO eggs. So, not only do you get what you pay for bu you are what you eat too!


Starting a new year

We are excited to inform all that we are now located at Armstrong Athletic club where we can provide numerous modalities of quality massage therapy, Tai-chi and Chigong instruction, Sport Fitness and Nutrition. Also available at Armstrong Athletic club is Aerobics, Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Step, Pilates, Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment, Active Metabolic testing, Comprehensive Fitness Assessment, Post Rehabilitation Exercise Management, Personal Training, Body Composition Analysis, Sport-Specific Performance Training and much more.